Partner Card

AYCM Partner Card

What is the Partner Card?

Every Main Card holder can phurchase a Partner Card for a person, who has a full-time employement in Hungary but doesn’t work for a Partner Company.

What do I need for the application?

Personal information, presenting the last two months' payroll from the Partner Card holder and original Partner Card agreement signed by the Main Card holder.

Who can apply?

People who have a full-time employement registered in Hungary.


About the service

The ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass is an employer benefit solution, which will provide the employees of our partner companies access to hundreds of AYCM facilities, like gyms, swimming pools, dance studios, etc. The SportPass can be used daily, even every day in a different AYCM facilities (Independently from Main Card holder) available in the chosen package.

The ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass is only available with a fixed term and loyalty period, both lasting until December 31, 2020.

If you have CHERRISK accident insurance, and you cannot do sports due to an accident, the insurance company can refund the fee of two months of AYCM (but max. 20.000 HUF) - in case you pay the actual fee for yourself to AYCM directly. Further information HERE.

The Retainer fee must be paid regardless to the usage of the service.

Temporary suspension of the service is not possible. Cancellation is only possible if all the fees until the expiry of the agreement (December 31, 2020) are paid. For further information please contact our Customer Care: [email protected]

Partner Card

To apply for a Partner Card you must meet the following conditions:

  • Registered full-time employment in Hungary

The SportPass is strictly non-transferable!

The Partner Card holder only allowed to conclude/renew an agreement with the permition of the Main Card holder. The Partner Card holder may choose a different SportPass package and payment method. If the Main- or the Partner card holder has an unpaid monthly fee, both services will be restricted.


  • Personally – Our office: 1053 Budapest, Károlyi utca 12. (Ybl Palace)


For the application you will need

  • Personal details and documents
  • Latest 2 monthly payroll
  • Original Partner Card Agreement signed by the Main Card holder

Who can not apply

The following persons shall not be entitled to phurchase an ALL YOU CAN MOVE Partner Card:

  • registered athletes of a sports club or of an association
  • professional- or amateur athletes taking part on sports competitions (including all competitions organized by any sports facility)
  • sports instructors
  • coaches or trainers
  • doesn’t have a registered full-time job
  • students
  • pensioners
  • retired or
  • who need a good physical condition or good appearance for their job (espacially those,
  • who are working for law enforcements, as a security or as a model)
  • arising from their profession, employement, partnership share or relationship a person is entitled to use the service of a sports facility (for example

is an owner, employer of a sports facility, or is in relationship with the before named persons)