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About us
KLUB Rekreáció – All You Can Move SportPass

The “Klub Rekreáció Sport és Rendezvényszervező Iroda”, distributor of the ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass was established in 1999. Our first product, the “Rekreációs Kártya” (Recreational Card) was created in the same year on the principle to face the 21th century’s challenges. It is the only SportPass in the world to offer our clients unlimited access to sports facilities like fitness clubs, swimming pools, saunas and other sport centers. Our service still stands out as unique.

From 2000

We started the distribution of our product, and our first contract was signed.

Between 2000 and 2010

We formed our program as it could be integrated either in an existing benefit system and either in a newly formed system. As a result in 2010 more than 100 employers has joined the ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass program with more than 6500 employees enjoying the advantages of the AYCM SportPass.

In 2010

The Schneider family sold 50% of their share to an investment group. The new owner started to use the SAP Governance Model.

In 2011

The New Year brings many changes in the history of the ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass. From January 2011 the service becomes a nationwide including 73 sports available facilities in Budapest and overall 100 sports facilities in the entire country. The „1 AYCM SportPass = 100 sports facilities” phrase is going to make sense.
The number of our Club Members has grown over 10.000 persons, and we have more than 200 partner companies.

In 2012

Several new changes have been made: we moved to a bigger office to give you a faster and more comfortable service. We updated our website, where a facility finder is helping our customers to find the right sports facility. Our Club Members can now conclude an agreement and pay online. Last but not least our service has grew with 60 new facilities (several new squash courts, swimming pools, skate rinks, gyms), so our Club Members can access to 180 sports facilities across the country. More than 15.000 active Club Members are using the All You Can Move SportPass.

In 2013

We have more than 300 sports facilities across the country. We have upgraded our website, and we created our new Customer Interface (Ügyfélkapu), making available to our customers to follow their account, conclude an agreement, manage their invoices online. The number of our staff has grown for a faster and more comfortable service. Now 20 persons are working at our office to make the All You Can Move SportPass service smooth. The number of partner companies has grown to 550, mostly with medium- and large-sized enterprises, banks, insurance companies. We have more than 22.500 Club Members. Our website, the allyoucanmove.hu has won the Website of the year award in the creative solutions category.

In 2014

We celebrate our 15th anniversary. We started our Loyalty Program to reward our most loyal customers. We continue to build our brand. In February we joined to the MobilTárca program in partnership with OTP Bank, MasterCard, Magyar Telekom, Vodafone, Telenor, SuperShop and InterTicket, making the ALL YOU CAN Move SportPass available on NFC capable smartphones. The AYCM’s own software company made the programing of the NFC entry system, giving the possibility to enter 11 sports facilities with smartphone.

The “Klub Rekreáció Sport és Rendezvényszervező Iroda” (Club Recreation Sport and Event Organizer Office) is giving HR solutions in sport and leisure fields to the Employers since 1999 as an outsourcing company. Our ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass service can be paid either through the cafeteria plan, or it may even be paid individually.
Our leading product, the AYCM SportPass is the 21st century’s HR solution. The AYCM SportPass is a complex package which can be integrated in the existing or newly planned Cafeteria Plan giving the employees unlimited access to hundreds of different sports facilities (including fitness rooms, swimming pools, boxing gyms, yoga studios, climbing rooms, athletics fields, dancing centers, skating rinks, golf courses, squash courts, pole dancing rooms, etc.). The ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass program is only reachable through the Employer, giving a preferential sporting and health preservation possibility.

Our company has won the MAGYAR BRANDS 2014 Award.

Schneider Balázs, our CEO became one of Hungary’s ICON (Magyarország Példaképe).

Regarding to the GFK Hungária research, the ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass brand has 100% popularity and satisfaction within their customers..

In 2015

The AYCM SportPass has won both SuperBrands and Bussiness SuperBrands Awards and the KLUB Rekreáció Kft., provider of the ALL YOU CAN MOVE has gained the best „A” financial qualification from Opten. The number of our Club Members has risen to 25000 who are using their multifunctional AYCM SportPass in more than 450 sports facilities.


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