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The AYCM is an Employer/HR Solution, which helps the companies to accomplish the business goals through the well-being of their employees.


You, dear and soon-to-be Employer Partner, and us, the operator of AYCM will solve this very important task TOGETHER: to give the limitless and diversified sporting, recreational opportunity to the employees.

We - the KLUB REKREÁCIÓ Sport és Rendezvényszervező Kft. - offer HR solutions in corporate wellness and well-being as an outsourcing company since 1999. Until today more than 1300 partner companies are offering the AYCM Program to their employees.

The AYCM SportPass is only available to the employees of our partner companies (private persons are not entitled to purchase theSportPass ). With our service your colleagues can access and do sports/relax on daily basis in  900 AYCM Partner facilities, like gyms, swimming pools, dance studios, or try sports like wall climbing, golf, or rowing. You can also find such unique type of movements like trampoline, axe throwing, darts, aerial gymnastic, paintball, underwater hockey, and SUP.

Our „Magyar Termék Nagydíj” 2017 (Hungarian Product Grand Prix) and  Value and Quality Grand Prix 2018 winner service is the most effective, if it is given as a benefit to the employees partly or entirely financed by the employer or is integrated to the incentive program of the company.

The AYCM SportPass is also available with an employee financing solution without any payment and administration obligation to the employer.


Take advantage with the AYCM Program:

  • Improve employee satisfaction and strengthen the Employer Brand;
  • Enhance work load capacity and so the productivity;
  • Better stress management, less risk to burn out;
  • Less time spent sick;
  • Less administration work.
  • Decrease the rate of sickness caused by seated work


First step to start the AYCM Program is a needs assessment. You will need at least 15 full-time employees (from your company) who would like to apply. We gladly offer communication assistance for the needs assessment. Please download our needs assessment and share with your colleagues.


After reaching the minimum number, you can decide how you would like to join the AYCM program:

  • Employer financing or co-financing
  • Integrating to the cafeteria system
  • Employee financing



AYCM SportPass with Employer – or co-financing

We recommend this offer to our featured partners who would like to pay a part of the Employee’s AYCM SportPass – reaching maximum employee satisfaction.

Giving as a fringe benefit (Tax Contribution is equal to the wage), through talent management- or corporate wellness program, the employer is paying one part or the whole price of the AYCM SportPass.

If the AYCM SportPass is financed or co-financed by the employer -for a larger number of SportPass orders (100+) -, we offer a special price from net 5.433,- HUF/Pers./Month.

For the requests of the colleagues and for the administrative tasks of the employer’s contact person, we assure an administrative web surface, so everything will be quick and clear, and GDPR safe.



AYCM SportPass integrated to the cafeteria plan, or offered as other fringe benefit

We offer it to those featured partners, who finance the employees’ AYCM SportPass completely, reaching the maximum employees satisfaction – on this field. The employer concludes an Engagement Agreement with the AYCM, and the financial settlement of the cards will be made between the two companies. The personalized AYCM SportPasses will be activated after the declaration. We would like to recommend, to announce this solution parallel with our Basic offer, because of the cafeteria system’s inflexibility – rare cafeteria declaration.

We assure a quick and online activating process. The Tax Contribution is equal to the wage.


AYCM SportPass – Employee financing

The employer concludes a Framework Agreement with the AYCM – after a quick needs assessment survey – and agrees to announce the AYCM SportPass within its employees. The employees can individually decide if they would like to apply to the AYCM SportPass program, what package he/she needs and what payment method he/she would like to choose.

The employer doesn’t have any payment or administration obligation.

Only a contact person is needed by the company, who will forward our newsletters about the AYCM SportPass service.
After concluding agreement with the employer, the employees will pay the AYCM SportPass individually from their salary or  with OTP Cafeteria card – Gift subaccount.

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