From 31th of December, 2019, the entry to an AYCM Partner Facility will only be possible with AYCM ePASS, all the plastic cards will be withdrawn from 1st of January, 2020. the sake of your comfort, you are now able to choose ePASS instead of plastic card.

What is the ePASS?

The ePASS is the virtual card of AYCM, which can be activated through AYCM Application, and can be used to grant access to the facility. It is important, that the required operation system is iOS 11 or Android 4.4 or any higher version. You can download the AYCM Application from the App Store or from the Google Play Store.

I chose ePASS. What further things do I need to do?

  1. Download the AYCM Application to your device.
  2. Open the application, and log in to your Customer Panel with your private e-mail address (or KR ID number) and password.

    In case of forgetting the password, you can request a new one on the following link:

  3. After successfully logged in, the application will download the data to your ePASS, and then please tap on “CHECK-IN”.
  4. Within the CHECK-IN, tap on „Activating ePASS”.
  5. Internet access is necessary to use ePASS.

Is it enough to enter an AYCM Partner Facility, if I download the AYCM Application?

Downloading the AYCM Application is not enough, it’s necessary to activate the ePASS within the application. You can find more information about the activation in a previous point.

How the entry happens in an AYCM Partner Facility?

In AYCM Application, if you tap on “CHECK-IN”, the system generates a QR code, which the receptionist will read with the QR code reader.


How long a QR code valid?

You can see it on a countdown timer above the code.

What do I need to do when a QR code expires?

Tap on “CHECK-IN” again and you will get a new QR code.

How many QR codes can I request a day?

You can request as many QR codes as you want, but the ePASS could be used also only once a day, in an AYCM Partner Facility that accepts your AYCM package.

What happens if I run out of internet?

In case you do not have any internet access on your device, generating a QR code and enter into an AYCM Partner Facility is not possible. In this case the AYCM Partner Facility will deny the entry!

SOLUTION: most of the AYCM Partner Facilities has free Wi-Fi access, or a friend can share their internet with you for a few minutes.

What will happen if I don't have my device with me at an AYCM Partner Facility?

Without the QR code, the AYCM Partner Facility will deny the entry!

How can I enter with my ePASS on places, which has not been supported with ePASS reader, or temporarly out of order?

In these cases stated above, you need to fill in a paper based form, supported with the AYCM number, which can be found on the application profile page (e.g. EP001234).

Do I need to update the AYCM Application regularly?

When you see the AYCM Application needs to be updated on your smart device, please do so.

What do I have to do if I replace my mobile phone/device or if I reinstalled the operation system?

You need to download the AYCM Application to your new device. Log in to your Customer Panel with the username and password, and request the activation of the ePASS with taping on “CHECK-IN”. After activating the ePASS on your new device, it won’t be active on the old device anymore. At your new device, the activation happens immediately.

What do I need to do if I uninstalled the Application?

You can download the AYCM Application from the App Store or Google Play Store, where after you logged in at profile menu, your ePASS will be active and ready-to-use automatically.

How many times can I ask ePASS activation, if I reinstalled my operation system, or I would like to switch to a new device?

5 times.

What happens if I lost my mobile phone/ device fifth time?

Every further possibility to activate ePASS can be requested from AYCM Customer Sercive, only in written form, in an e-mail to [email protected] with submitting the reason of the claim. The AYCM Customer Service is entitled to request certain documents that justify the necessity of the added activation (e.g.: device service worksheet).