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What are the available AYCM packages?

Our packages are available from monthly HUF 4,900

Packages only differ in the amount of available AYCM facilities.

When you apply, you can choose from two payment methods: monthly payment or payment in one sum.

The ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass is only available with a fixed term and loyalty period, both lasting until December 31, 2020. The Retainer fee must be paid regardless to the usage of the service. If you have CHERRISK accident insurance, and you cannot do sports due to an accident, the insurance company can refund the fee of two months of AYCM (but max. 20.000 HUF) - in case you pay the actual fee for yourself to AYCM directly. Further information HERE.

Temporary suspension of the service is not possible. Cancellation is only possible if all the Retainer fees until the expiry of the Agreement (December 31, 2020) are paid. For further information please contact our Customer Care: [email protected]


Monthly payment

When you conclude or renew your Agreement you have to pay the first two monthly Retainer fees in advance plus the administration fee (3000,- HUF/Person/Year). After the application you will have to pay the Retainer fees in advance prior the relevant month.

You also have prepayment opportunity regardless to the chosen payment option.

You can choose from the following payment options:

  • Paying manually – you are responsible to pay the monthly Retainer fees until the deadline marked in the „Payment reminder” sent to your registered e-mail address(es).
  • Direct debit – we (KLUB Rekreáció Kft. – OTP Bank) will debit your registered bank account number with the amount of the monthly Retainer fee between the 15th and 22nd prior the relevant month. This option requires a previous permission (Direct Debit Authorization) given by you in your bank, that we can debit your account with the amount of the monthly Retainer fee. Please contact us for your Service ID number.
  • Bank card registration - you can register a bank card through our Customer Panel in the SimplePay by OTP Mobil Kft.'s system. Only have to provide a password during the future payments.
  • Automatic bank card payment - you can give an additional permission that we, KLUB Rekreáció Kft. (SimplePay by OTP Mobil Kft.) can automatically debit the monthly Retainer fees from the registered bank card (on the 15th day of month preceding the month in question).

Only payment in one sum is available if you conclude an Agreement with 1st October.

Payment in one sum

When you conclude or renew your Agreement you can choose to pay all the fees (all monthly Retainer fees from the starting date until the expiry of the Agreement) plus an administration fee (3000,- HUF/Person/Year) in one sum.


We accept

Online in the AYCM Customer Panel

  • Bank card
  • OTP Cafeteria Card – Gift subaccount

Personally in the AYCM Customer Service Office

  • Cash
  • Bank card
  • OTP Cafeteria Card – Gift subaccount

             Or the combination of these.


Pursuant to Regulation about SZÉP Card (55/2011. (IV. 12.)) unfortunately we are not able to accept it as means of payment.

Collection agency

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Tax number: 10219319-2-41