HR Cafeteria

The “Klub Rekreáció Sport és Rendezvényszervező Iroda” is giving HR solutions in sport and leisure fields to the Employers since 1999 as an outsourcing company. Our ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass service can be paid either through the cafeteria plan, or it may even be paid individually.
Our leading product, the AYCM SportPass is the 21st century’s HR solution. The AYCM SportPass is a complex package which can be integrated in the existing or newly planned Cafeteria Plan giving the employees unlimited access to hundreds of different sports facilities (including fitness rooms, swimming pools, boxing gyms, yoga studios, climbing rooms, athletics fields, dancing centers, skating rinks, golf courses, squash courts, pole dancing rooms, etc.). The ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass Program is only reachable through the Employer, giving a preferential sporting and health preservation possibility.

What is the All You Can Move SportPass Cafeteria card?

We recommend our program to all those Employers, who find it important to support their Employees. The support of sports by the Employer is an urgent question regarding to the research of the Association. Healthy employers have a serious role in reaching the company’s goals: regular exercises not just have an effect to the physical- and mental stamina, but to the organizational performance and effectiveness also. More effective stress management, reduction of the days spent ill, better concentration and positive effects to the private life as well.

  1. The ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass is a multifunctional sports pass giving you unlimited access to hundreds of sports facilities, including fitness rooms, swimming pools, boxing gyms, yoga studios, climbing rooms, athletics fields, dancing centers, skating rinks, golf courses, squash courts, pole dancing studios. The SportPass gives you unlimited access to all of the sports facilities, provided you only use your AYCM SportPass once a day for one of the given services.
  2. Is a fringe benefit, growing the Employees loyalty and the satisfaction.
  3. Is a complex package. which can be integrated to an existing or newly formed cafeteria plan, talent management program or company health program.

Why does it worth the AYCM HR Cafeteria?

For employees

The ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass is giving you unlimited access to hundreds different sports facilities nationwide. You can access to all of the facilities included in the chosen package, but daily once to one of the facilities. Regular exercises have a positive effect to the physical- and mental health, to the personal performance and effectiveness, to reduce the days spent ill, to have better concentration.

For employers

  1. Reducing the HR department’s work with the company’s health preservation program
  2. Strengthen the employer brand
  3. Healthier employees
  4. Better stress management
  5. Higher employee satisfaction
  6. Reduced possibility to burnout
  7. Less days spent ill



Financing options
Various possibility

"AYCM Basic" offer

Financed by the employee

The employer concludes a Framework Agreement with the AYCM – after a quick needs assessment survey – and agrees to announce the AYCM SportPass within its employees. The employees can individually decide if they would like to subscribe for the AYCM SportPass program. The employer doesn’t have any costs. The Basic offer is only available, if there are minimum 15 AYCM SportPass needs.

After signing the contract with the employer, the employee will subscribe and pay the AYCM SportPass from his/her salary: in cash, by debit or credit card, by Ajándék Erzsébet voucher, by SODEXO Ajándék voucher, by SODEXO Bónusz voucher by EDENRED Gift Card, by direct debit.

"AYCM Cafeteria Light" offer

Similar to the Basic offer; however the employees can pay the membership fee also with cafeteria elements:

  • Edenred Ajándék or Motivációs Kártyával
  • Edenred Bevásárló-Kártyával
  • Ezüst És Arany Edenred Ajándékkártyával
  • Erzsébet Utalvány Plusz Kártya – "Ajándék Zsebéből"
  • Sodexo Ajándék Pass És Bónusz Pass
"AYCM Advanced" offer

The employer integrates the AYCM SportPass to the cafeteria plan

The employer concludes an Engagement Agreement with the AYCM, so the payment will be made between the two companies. The personalized AYCM SportPass will be given after the cafeteria declaration. We would like to recommend, to announce it with our Basic offer, because of its inflexibility – rare cafeteria declaration.
The AYCM Advanced offer has a minimum administrative burden and 51,17% tax rate.

„AYCM Expert" offer

Financed by the employer

We recommend the AYCM Expert offer to our featured partners who would like to pay a part of the Employee’s AYCM SportPass – reaching maximum employee satisfaction.
Giving as a fringe benefit (Tax rate: 51,17%), in talent management program or company health program, paying one part or the whole price of the AYCM SportPass.

If the AYCM SportPass is financed or co-financed by the employer, we offer a special price, from 5700,- HUF/Month (VAT is included).


How can you get an AYCM SportPass?

Individuals are not entitled to buy a club card, an ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass may only be purchased by a person who is a full-time employee registered in Hungary and whose employer is a partner of the ALL YOU CAN MOVE system.

Club Members with the Main Card may request another card, called Partner Card.

There are six different ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass packages available
  • 4.900 Ft / mo
  • 7.500 Ft / mo
  • 9.200 Ft / mo
  • 10.900 Ft / mo
  • 12.900 Ft / mo
  • 16.900 Ft / mo

If the program is financed by the employer, the AYCM SportPass is available from gross 4.646 HUF/PERSON/MONTH.

We have almost 800 partner companies making the AYCM SportPass available for 25000 employees.
We hope we will earn your trust too!

For a personal offer please contact us: [email protected]

* The following persons shall not be entitled to purchase an ALL YOU CAN MOVE Main or Partner Card:
Registered athletes of a sports club or of an association; Professional- or amateur athletes taking part on sports competitions (including all competitions organized by any sports facility); Sports instructors; Coaches or trainers; Doesn’t have a registered full-time job; Students; Pensioners; Who need a good physical condition or good appearance for their job (especially those, who are working for law enforcements, as a security or as a model); Those who are entitled to use the service of a sports facility arising from their profession, partnership share or relationship (owners-, employees of a sports facility, or are in a relationship with the before named persons).
The packages only differ in the number of the available sports facilities not in the quality and the content of the services. All facilities are only available with the XXL AYCM SportPass package.
A Partner Card may only be purchased personally at our office and in presentation of the last two months payroll of the Partner Card holder. The Partner Card has 2000,- HUF/Month higher price, than the Main Card.