General questions about our Service

What is the All You Can Move SportPass?

The ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass is giving you unlimited access to more than 500 different sports facilities in Budapest and nationwide (Sopron, Győr, Székesfehérvár, Pécs, Szeged, Debrecen), including fitness rooms, swimming pools, boxing gyms, yoga studios, climbing rooms, athletics fields, dancing centers, skating rinks, golf courses, squash courts, pole dance studios. You can even use the facilities daily!

The AYCM SportPass service is only available with a loyalty period lasting until the end of the year (31 December 2016). The membership fee for the selected package will be charged until the term of the contract expires, that is 31 December 2016, irrespective of the extent to which you use the service.

Which services does it contain?

The AYCM SportPass gives you unlimited access to all of the facilities contained in the chosen package, providing you only use your AYCM SportPass once a day for one of the given services. You can use all the services at the given facility that are included in the daily ticket (Please check all extra information next to the facilities in our AYCM SportPass offer 2015).

How can I conclude an agreement?

You can conclude an agreement through our Customer Interface (Ügyfélkapu – www.allyoucanmove.hu) or personally at our office. After the registration on our Customer Interface you can proceed with the online agreement. In this case you will prove with your company e-mail address, that you are an employee of a partner company.

At our office we have a paper based contracting. In this case, please bring your company badge with you to identify yourself.
You can find further information in the „Questions about joining” menu.

Am I able to change the package of the AYCM SportPass during the year?

Yes, you have the possibility to change the chosen package of your AYCM SportPass. Please note, only the upgrade is possible, so you only can choose a larger package. Downgrade / Changing to a smaller package during the validity of the Engagement Agreement is not possible. An upgrade administration fee (3000,- HUF / upgrade) plus the difference between the two packages must be paid upon the upgrade.

For Main Card holders it is possible to upgrade the service online on the Customer Panel. The Partner Card holders can upgrade the service personally in the office with the filled and signed Amendment Agreement.

The monthly fee will of the larger package marked on the Amendment Agreement will be charged from the date of upgrade until the expiry of the Agreement.

Questions about joining

What are the conditions of joining?

A Main Card may only be purchased by a person who is a full-time employee registered in Hungary and whose employer is a partner of the ALL YOU CAN MOVE system operated by KLUB Rekreáció Kft. A Partner Card can be purchased by anyone, who is a full-time employee by any company. Please, check out our General Terms and Conditions!

The contract runs out automatically on 31.12.2016. If I would like to have a card, does my contract also last until the end of the year?

Yes, a new season starts on the 1st of January, and you can obtain a new AYCM SportPass. Further information will be sent to you in the beginning of December.

If I purchase a card in the middle of the month, will it be activated right away after I signed the contract? In this case how do I have to pay for the membership fee? Do you have a pro rata fee?

Your SportPass can be activated in 36 hours, up to your decision, but we don’t have part month payment. You have to pay for the full monthly fee, so it is better to purchase a card on the first days of the month.

I would like to purchase an AYCM SportPass to my girlfriend. Is it possible?

Club Members with a Main Card may request another card, called Partner Card. The Partner Card holder shall be subject to the same restrictions as the holder of the Main Card, that is, a Partner Card may only be requested if the holder is a full-time registered employee in Hungary, is not a student, a pensioner, an professional athlete or a coach. Only one Partner Card is obtainable by every Main Card holder.
A Partner Card may only be purchased personally at our office and in presentation of the last two months payroll of the Partner Card holder.

The Partner Card holder may request a different package from the Main Card holder’s package, and may choose a different payment method.

The Main Card holder is responsible for the Partner Card holder and he/she shall undertake a guarantee for the payment of the membership fee relating to the Partner Card. Should the Partner Card holder fall in arrears with the payment of membership fees, then the Main Card holder shall be obliged to pay, and both cards may be restricted.

Online agreement

How can I conclude an agreement online?

First of all you have to register in our customer interface (“Ügyfélkapu”). After that you can conclude an agreement online. For the registration you will need your company e-mail address, whereto the conformation link will be sent.

How can I pay if I make an online agreement?

The last step of the registration is the payment, which is possible by bank card or EDENRED Gift Card. You will be redirected to the OTP Bank’s website.

How will I receive my card, if I make an agreement online?

You can choose between getting your card delivered (post office), which cost you extra 1000,- HUF, or personally at our office in the opening hours.

When can I go for my card, if I registered online, and what shall I bring with me?

After you concluded an agreement online, you can come to our office right away, to get your card. Please, print out and bring the Registration Form with you.

Personal Agreement

How can I conclude an agreement personally?

You can print and fill out the Engagement Agreement Data Sheet and bring it with you, or we can give you one at our office. After payment you’ll get your card, which can be activated next day if you would like to.

How can I pay at the office?

You can pay in cash and by bank or credit card, by SODEXO Ajándék voucher, by SODEXO Bónusz voucher, by Ajándék Erzsébet voucher, or EDENRED Gift Card.

Am I able to use my “Egészségpénztár” account?

No, unfortunately not.

What shall I bring with me?

You should bring your company badge or your calling card, or last month payroll to prove that you work by a partner company. For the contract you will need your personal datas, tax ID number and bank account number.

When will I get a card?

You will get your SportPass right away. It will be active from the day you asked (next day or the first day of the next month).

What do I need to bring if I want a Partner Card?

You need to bring The Partner Card Engagement Agreement Data Sheet signed by the Main Card holder and Partner Card holder. You can download and print one from our website or we can give you one at our office. For the contract you will need the Partner Card holder’s personal data, tax ID number and bank account number, and the last two months payroll of the Partner Card holder.


Do I have to pay in one sum (from activation until current year 31th of December) or am I able to pay monthly?

Yes, it is possible to pay in monthly installments (Payment Made Easier). By the registration you have to pay for 2 months plus 3000,- HUF Administration Fee.

If I choose to pay monthly by direct debit (Payment Made Easier) do I have to pay interest or something extra?

Monthly payment interest-free.

If I choose to pay monthly (Payment Made Easier), do I have to pay for every month even if I’m not at home?

Yes, you have to! Paying monthly doesn’t exempt you from the terms and conditions of the contract, where you accepted to pay the same preferential price every month for a fixed term – until 31th December – regardless how many times is the service used.

If I choose to pay monthly, how will I get an invoice?

We have digital billing, so you will receive your invoice to the given e-mail addresses. You also can check your invoice in your electronic account.

Do you have any hidden costs?

We don’t have hidden costs. You can use your card once per day for only the price of the monthly fee.

How can I pay online?

At AYCM "Ügyfélkapu" click on "Fizetés" and you can pay online.

Questions about facilities and usage of the card

Fitness ticket means the gym service?


Can I use the card for salsa aerobic, white salsa and yoga lessons in MOM Wellness?

For these lessons the MOM Wellness has a different price list.
You can use all the services at the given facility that are included in the daily ticket. If a service has a special price, then you can’t use the SportPass for that.

If I attend to multiple lessons (double lesson), is the SportPass good for those?

If you have to register twice for these lessons in the given facility, then it counts as two entries. You can use the SportPass only for one entry/service, for the second you have to pay at the facility. Please act likewise if you would like to use the fitness area after a lesson.

Beyond the usual services, may I use the SportPass for personal training?

Unfortunately not! Because this is a special service and we can’t get a preferential price from the facility.

Likewise: cosmetics, hairstylist, massage, solarium.

May other person use my card?

No! SportPass can be used only by its owner. The card is only valid with the signature of the owner. Every card has an unique barcode and sequence number, which is assigned to its owner. The card will be controlled by the receptionist at the facility.

The attendance sheet will be controlled by us in the end of the month.

Will there be a new facility in the list?

We expand our partner list almost every week. We inform our partners about the new facilities on Facebook and on our website.
The AYCM Magazin is sent to your e-mail address about our new facilities, discount giving partners and news.

Is it fixed how many times in a month am I able to use my card?

No, the card gives you unlimited access to the facilities. It has only one restriction. Only one service may be used on any given day, which also means that one aerobic class or the fitness/cardio room may be used in the facility on the same day.

Any of the facilities can be used with the SportPass or do I have to choose one to attend to?

The card is useable in all facilities contained in the chosen package.

What services are contained in the Államigazgatási swimming pool?

1,5 hours swimming ticket is included in the AYCM SportPass.

Am I able to use the wellness area in the Oxygen (Árpád út)?

Unfortunately you can’t use it. The wellness area counts as a special service there. You can use all the services at the given facility that are included in the daily ticket. There are some places, where the usage of the wellness area is contained. Like infra sauna or aqua-fitness.

What is the difference between the running ticket of Margitszigeti Atlétikai Centrum and the ticket of BTN Office Gym?

After a running on the Margaret Island you can use the athletic field, the locker room and the shower in the Margitszigeti Atlétikai Centrum. In the BTN Office Gym you can use the sauna as well.

Direct Debit

Is it possible to pay by direct debit?

Yes, it is possible. In this case you have to set a direct debit authorization through the netbanking surface or at the bank office.

Information you need:
Service provider: Klub Rekreáció Kft.
Service provider ID: A13206828
Customer: the AYCM SportPass owner
Customer ID (KR): is a five digit number, can be found on the payment reminders, on the Customer Interface. You can also contact us, and we will help you.
Start: 1st day of the next month of the activation
End: 30th November
Limit: the price of the chosen SportPass package

Important: We send our request to the bank in the beginning (8th) of the month before the month in question. If your direct debit authorization is not active on that day, we won’t debit your account. The bank will debit your account in the middle of the month (15th - 22nd) before the month in question.

Automatic Bank Card Payment

Is it possible to automatically deduct the monthly fees from my bank card?

Yes, of course there is an option. In your AYCM Client Login, you have to make one registered bank card payment and then in the followings you can give permission for the automatic bank card payment. This option can be found in the Permission menu at the Automatic Bank Card Payment point.

Customer Interface

What are the advantages of the Customer Interface (Ügyfélkapu)?

You just have to log in, and you can conclude an agreement online, follow your payments, manage your account and pay online.

How can I log in?

If you were/are our partner in the previous years, you can log in with your given private e-mail address. You can also use your Customer ID number (KR) as a username. If you don’t know your password, just click on the “Elfelejtett jelszó?” button, and you can set a new one.

Why my private e-mail address is the username for the Customer Interface (Ügyfélkapu)?

We wanted to make sure, you can log in whenever you would like to. If you change company, your old company e-mail address won’t be active anymore. Since 2014 you can also log in with your customer ID (KR) too.

Who has to register to the Customer Interface (Ügyfélkapu)?

Those have to register, who are new to our program and never had an AYCM SportPass before.

Does my Partner Card have to register to the Customer Interface (Ügyfélkapu)?

No! The Partner Card holder has to conclude an agreement personally at our office. His/Her profile will be generated afterwards the contracting.

What data are used as a personal ID?

Your private e-mail address and the TAX ID number are used for identification. Every person can register only once in our system.

How does the Customer Interface (Ügyfélkapu) check my eligibility to the AYCM SportPass?

The ALL YOU CAN MOVE SportPass is a closed program, available only for thos, who work for a partner company. During online concluding, our system will check the validity of your company e-mail address.

How can I continue my previous online agreement, if I had to abort the process before?

You just have open you verifier e-mail what you received in the beginning of the online concluding to your company e-mail address, and click on the verifying code.

What do I have to do, if I can’t log in to the Customer Interface (Ügyfélkapu)?

If you can’t log in, please check your username and password. If you still can’t reach your profile, please contact us by e-mail: info@allyoucanmove.hu, or call us: +36 1 445 1563. We can also help you at our office with technical issues.

Do I have to pay during online concluding?

Yes! The last step of the online concluding is the payment. You can pay in one sum or several months, but minimum 2 months plus the 3000,- HUF administration fee. You will be redirected to the OTP Bank’s website, where you can pay by debit or credit card. After the payment you will be redirected to our website to finalize your Agreement.

How will I receive my card?

If you have chosen to pick up your card personally at our office, you can come to our office in opening time right away.
If you have chosen delivery, your card will be sent to the post office during the next workday, and you will receive it within a few days. The fee of delivery is 1000,- HUF.

How can I pay my monthly fee online?

It is possible to pay through the Customer Interface (Ügyfélkapu) by debit or credit card. You can also manage your payments and invoices. If you miss to pay until the deadline, our system will limit of your service. With a limited service you can’t use the AYCM SportPass. If you pay through the Customer Interface, you can activate your card right away.